History of the Company

Creative Paper Mills Limited (CPML) started its journey in June 2005 to procure land, development of the land, procurement of machines. The industry is well laid out on a total area of 45 bighas of land situated on the bank of the river Shitalakhya under Rupganj Police Station which is only 25km away from the capital city. The industry was ready to start production in 2009 but due to non-availability of gas we had to wait until February 2013.
Finally, the factory went into production with production capacity 296 Metric Tons paper per day combined capacity of Paper Machine-1 and Paper Machine-2. The company boasts of its ability to make high quality paper which are price and quality competitive against both local and imported competitors. CPML uses only wood free Softwood pulp and Hardwood pulp.

Mission & Vision

Since 2005, we’ve had the foresight to find new ways to make better papers, from creating new categories to starting new conversations, we are constantly innovating our products and our practices to serve and care for the ever-changing needs of the people we touch at all stages. Our Mission is to simply provide quality and exclusive products within the shortest period of time possible, with the utmost quality of service. We will make sure you never run out of paper. Our Vision is to be amongst the most successfully sustainable and responsible companies in the world. Alongside to become more cost effective, time efficient and improve our performance in such ways that our clients not only come back but as well as recommend our products to others.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Meet the Creative Paper Mills Executive Officers and Board of Directors and learn about our firm belief in good corporate governance. Creative Paper Mill’s Board of Directors is responsible for fiduciary oversight, setting policies for the corporation, and acting in the best interests of the corporation and its stockholders. Our team is comprised of two Pioneers whose leadership and diverse backgrounds bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge to our company.



Mr Kabirul Huque, Chairman of the company, he specialized in Chemical Engineering from one of the top Universities of Bangladesh; University of Engineering & Technology (BUET). With over 45 years of experience in implementing large electromechanical projects, handling design and project management of major HVAC and control projects relating to hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals and process cooling systems for printing press, and an international exposure across South East Asia & Australia Mr Kabirul Haque fit right into this position.


Managing Director

Mr. Mahbub M Talukder, the esteemed Managing Director of Creative Paper Mills Ltd., is a distinguished professional with a robust academic background. He earned his B. Com (Hons) in Accounting and M. Com in Finance from the prestigious University of Dhaka in 1978 and 1980, respectively. Commencing his career in 1991 as a Director at Creative Engineers Ltd., Mr. Talukder played a pivotal role in the company’s reorganization, infusing vitality and catapulting it to international prominence. Over the span of three decades, he has exhibited exceptional leadership, adeptly navigating the company through dynamic market landscapes. Talukder’s visionary approach has not only contributed significantly to the successful reorganization of Creative Engineers Ltd. but has also played a key role in elevating the company to new heights on the international stage. He brings his esteemed expertise to lead Creative Paper Mills Ltd., demonstrating unwavering commitment and proficiency in steering the company toward continued success.

Our Valued Clients

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